Main CharactersEdit

  • Lindy Sampson a 21 year old tech-genius hacker, after just getting off parole creates an online dating profile under the name "Eye Candy" from advice from her roommate Sophia. After receiving threatening messages from a cyber stalker, she teams up with friends to discover who the murderous stalker is. Meanwhile, she commits herself to finding her kidnapped sister.
  • George is Lindy's friend and co-worker. He teams up with her to assist not only in her hacking business to find kidnap victims, but also plays apart in helping Lindy uncover her cyber stalker.
  • Sophia is Lindy's out going roommate who persuaded Lindy to create her online dating profile. She is loyal and caring towards Lindy and commits to helping Lindy find her cyber stalker and keep her safe.
  • Connor is Sophia's male best friend who initially does not consider Lindy a friend. They are able to get along on occasion. Seemingly depending on his mood and the excitement that surrounds Lindy.

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Jake Bolin is a main love interest for Lindy Sampson, for the series.

Minor CharactersEdit